Quotes on Responsibility

If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never
will be.

— Thomas Jefferson, Letter to Colonel Charles Yancey (6 January 1816)

Each of you, for himself, by himself and on his own responsibility, must speak.

— Mark Twain

The price of greatness is responsibility.

— Winston Churchill

The individual can never escape the moral burden of his existence. He must choose between obedience to authority and responsibility to himself. Moral decisions are often hard and painful to make. The temptation to delegate this burden to others is therefore ever-present. Yet, as all of history teaches us, those who would take from man his moral burdens–be they priests or warlords, politicians or psychiatrists–must also take from him his liberty and hence his very humanity.

— Thomas S. Szasz

We seem to be moving steadily in the direction of a society where no one is responsible for what he himself did but we are all responsible for what somebody else did, either in the present or in the past.

— Thomas Sowell

The real freedom of any individual can always be measured by the amount of responsibility which he must assume for his own welfare and security.

— Robert Welch

One does not encourage “responsibility” by forcibly restricting the range of people’s authority over their own lives.

— Butler Shaffer

When government accepts responsibility for people, then people no longer take responsibility for themselves.

— George Pataki